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Introduction to Sunell

Since its foundation in 2002, Sunell Technology Corporation has aimed to be a top international security enterprise, and provide prominent marketing service. 

Sunell has constructed a high level R&D technology platform, improved the R&D procedures, and implemented RUP management system. Sunell is the "National Hi-Tech Enterprise", and has been awarded by Shenzhen government as "Top 100 Software Enterprise" and "Honesty Enterprise’. Sunell is the executive director and vice president enterprise of China and Shenzhen Security & Protection Industry Association respectively. Sunell is ranked as Famous Brand by Shenzhen government and China Security & Protection Industry, Top 10 Security Brand in China Market, Top 10 Influential Chinese Security Brand, and the Recommendation Brand of 3111 China Government Project and China Safe City Construction Project.

Sunell carries out modern information-based enterprise management. Sunell is running the excelsior production modes: TPS, TQC and TPM. Sunell has passed the ISO9001 and ISO14001 authentication, and Sunell Products are accredited by CE, FCC, RoHS and CMA, etc. 

Reliability is number one for Sunell products having enjoyed high reputation in local China market. Now with sales to over 78 countries around the world. With a strange knowledgeable export expertise Including USA, Canada, Japan, England, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, Russia, Saudi Arabia , Turkey, Malaysia, South Africa, and Chile.

Sunell Technology

Sunell products use only the world’s leading solutions for the core internal technology processing engines, Xarina featured on the Sony WDR solutions for 720p & 1080p solutions, and a mixture of TI DaVinci DSPs for all other models both Xarina and TI use the ARM CPU Core for high performance.

Xarina – WDR Extreme Technology

Making the best images needs the best sensor, every part of our hand crafted solutions match with the best DSPs, the Xarina solutions marry perfectly with Exmor WDR sensors, and also Aptina bring the best for the TI for 3Mega pixel and 5Mega Pixels solutions. Only after an exhaustive choice and testing do we qualify the right solution for the product.

Wide Dynamic cameras need the highest level of technology, due to the nature of the true WDR function, the images from two exposures need to be taken, so to keep a real-time frame rate, you need to process twice as many images in same time. Only with a DSP core suitable to achieve this, is just one of the features from the Xarina solutions offered from Sunell. With Xarina comes in two flavours one 720p and one 1080p offering not limited to the following advanced features.

  • 720p WDR at 126db
  • 1080p WDR at 108db
  • Advanced Motion Detection
  • Adaptive tone reproduction
  • 3d Noise Reduction 

Xarina solutions need the sensor to match, the perfect partners are naturally the Sony IMX139 & IMX140 Exmor sensors, which cater for double exposure to give the excellent WDR performances, also providing the deep 12bit colours as also low light sensitivity levels.

Below is simple example of the WDR differences from Xarina solutions, normal requirements for WDR is where outside exposure would make darken the image due to high contrast, with Xarina - Exmor WDR combination the images on right look exceptional.

Exmor Sensor Technology

The latest in sensor developments in the Exmor range, and now part of the Sunell 1080p range, where previous IMX122 sensor was ground breaking in performances, the new IMX222 goes one step better. Being now a NIR sensor. Improvements in visible light, infrared light, better crosstalk, and also infrared light performances are all improved.

The technology comes down to the increase depth of the photo diode which increase light naturally, but reducing the substrate means the actual sensor does not increase any size. A deeper photo diode will improve on the issue where wavelength of IR light is going to generate cross talk, and would then decrease the perceived resolution.


The Sunell Product Line



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