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What is Radio Barrier?

RADIOBARRIER is a military grade battery operated wireless intrusion detection and surveillance system for protection of extended terrain areas, borders, oil and gas pipelines, mining and drilling sites, perimeters of critical infrastructure with unrivalled detection and autonomous operation time parameters. 

Proven Track Record:

  • State Borders – over 4000 km
  • Gas pipelines and infrastructure – over 2300 km
  • Oil pipelines and infrastructure – over 1500 km
  • Perimeters of critical infrastructure – over 1000 km
  • Nuclear power stations and ROSATOM facilities

Operates in a wide range of climatic conditions: From permanent frost of Yakutia to scorching heat of North Africa.


Key Features:

  • Low power consumption – unequalled battery life of detection devices of up to 5 years without battery replacement 
  • High Performance – unrivalled detection performance for underground detection devices 
  • Mesh network – secure wireless communication between all system components – all detection devices work as communication nodes building a self-configuring and self-healing mesh network
  • Reliability – wireless long range transmission of information via two-way radio with guaranteed delivery of alarm messages


  • Ease of use – simple and rapid deployment even in the most difficult terrain (mountains, forests, etc.) due to small size and light weight 
  • Flexibility – suitable for a wide range of applications (stationary or mobile) and environments 
  • Easy integration – suitable for standalone operation as well as integration into other security solution (on HW and SW level).

Radio Barrier Wireless Intrusion Multi-Sensor (RS-U)

  • Detects intruders and vehicles by seismic (ground) vibrations
  • Buried underground 30 to 50 cm deep
  • Multifunctional: seismic detector, trip-wire detector, repeater, external device control, communication gateway
  • Detection performance:
  • up to 100 m human detection radius
  • up to 200 m vehicle detection radius
  • up to 5 years without battery replacement

Radio Barrier Wireless Microwave Sensor (RS-L) 

  • Detects intruders and vehicles by variations in the electromagnetic volumetric field
  • Multiple installation options
  • Detection performance:
  • Detection zone length from 3 to 200 m
  • Detection zone width up to 3.5 m
  • Detection zone height up to 1.6 m
  • up to 3 years without battery replacement

Autonomous Video Surveillance System

  • Identify intruders and vehicles at any time of day or night and transmitting video images to receiving units
  • Components: RS-TV camera with IR backlight, RS-TP thermal camera, TV-R TV repeater, PTV portable TV receiver
  • Video transmission distance up to 20 km
  • Detection performance:
  • RS-TV up to 100 m
  • RS-TP up to 200 m
  • up to 6 months without battery recharge / replacement (RS-TV and RS-TP)




Portable Operator’s Console with Mapping System SW (MPO-TV)

  • Receives, stores and displays status messages, alarm and video signals from detection devices on electronic mapping background, remote adjustment of their settings and monitoring and controlling the radio network status
  • Advanced event and video logging functions, SMS exchange between multiple control devices
  • Multiple powering options – 230 V AC (electrical mains) or 12 V DC (vehicle power system)


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