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Ultimate flexibility and storage capacity 

The Bosch range of video storage arrays are tailored to meet the unique demands of CCTV and video surveillance. Optimized for 24/7 operation, our RAID-DP technology delivers ‘peace of mind’ video storage without compromise.

Bosch Video Recording Manager (VRM) provides a Distributed Network Video Recorder solution, eliminating the need for dedicated NVRs and signalling the second generation of IP network video recording. VRM supports iSCSI-based storage systems and Bosch Video-over-IP devices (IP cameras and IP video encoders).

VRM introduces the concept of a storage virtualization layer. This abstraction layer enables VRM to manage all of the individual disk arrays in the entire system as a single “virtual” common pool of storage, which is intelligently allocated as needed. VRM eliminates the need for classic Network Video Recorders (NVRs) and their associated server hardware, operating systems, and anti-virus software, as well as the ongoing software patches and updates these systems require.

The central Recording Management Service runs as a service on Microsoft Windows platforms. Bosch recommends running VRM Server on a dedicated server/hardware platform.

VRM software supports Bosch H.264 and MPEG‑4 IP video devices including all encoders, Dinion and FlexiDome IP cameras, as well as AutoDome and Extreme IP cameras and the Bosch HD cameras. With the new Video Streaming Gateway component 3rd party cameras supporting either ONVIF, RTSP or JPEG protocol are supported. Supported storage subsystems include the Bosch iSCSI-based DSA and DLA Series disk array systems. The iSCSI disk arrays can be attached anywhere on a standard IP network.

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