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Imageology - The science of surveillance

Bosch provides everything you need to capture, analyse, record and view standard definition, high definition and megapixel video. Our IP cameras fit a wide range of surveillance requirements, and select models feature built in infrared illumination for full and accurate video information even in complete darkness. Bosch storage solutions are simple and scalable and allow for small and large amountsof data to be retrieved for fast playback. And, our video management systems are easy to use to reduce complexity and improve efficiency.

Bosch IP standard and high definition cameras, encoders and analytics integrate seamlessly with a wide range of security software offerings from Bosch and other industry providers. Through ONVIF conformance and tools for custom integration, we make it easy to view, control and manage our video products within your system design. You have the freedom to choose the products that best fit your needs.


Sophisticated and powerful image processing

Bosch’s IP cameras use state of the art software to analyse and enhance each and every pixel. Extra processing power and new software algorithms deliver the most detailed picture possible.

More detail in harsh lighting conditions

For every scene, Bosch’s Dinion 2X generates two images to produce the clearest picture: one long exposure resolves details in the scene’s darkest areas, while one short exposure captures the brightest areas. The digital signal processor then mixes the pixels from each image to produce the most detailed picture possible. This level of Wide Dynamic Range capability is unique to Bosch because of its 20-bit digital signal processor.

Ability to see in low light

Infrared illumination allows Bosch cameras to provide full and accurate video information in low light situations. As a result, image quality is improved, bit rates reduced and storage requirements minimized. 3D Diffuser technology, exclusively from Bosch, effectively illuminates the foreground and background – providing light where the camera needs it. This controlled illumination ensures consistent lighting on the scene over time. Constant Light from Bosch minimizes LED degradation to ensure accurate data is provided throughout the life of the illuminator.

Mechanical and environmental design

We take reliability testing seriously and put products through rigorous tests to ensure compliance to safety, certifications and warranty standards. Our rigorous tests include Highly Accelerated Life Tests (HALT) and temperature & vibration stresses while the unit is fully operational.

Bosch products are made from the toughest materials – stainless steel, CNC milled aluminum housings and polycarbonate domes – to combat attempts at tampering. Guided by exacting IP and NEMA standards, Bosch security products survive the most extreme environmental conditions.


Multiple H.264 profiles

H.264 is the latest innovation in video compression technology to provide clear video for the best possible viewing experience. Every detail in the image is captured without any compromise in frame rate. This supplies an indispensable feature for object recognition (such as license plates or a person’s face).

Bosch’s implementation of Main profile encoding for CCTV video, offers users the benefits of broadcast quality video with up to 50% less storage space required in relation to MPEG4, depending on scene and quality settings.

Tri streaming

All Bosch encoders and IP cameras support the Tri streaming principle. By supplying three completely separate streams in different formats, video can be viewed and recorded in different qualities, and at the same time, video can be viewed on tools such as hand held devices.

Image authentication

Each Bosch IP camera or encoder has an image authentication algorithm built-in, making sure that the images viewed or recorded are authentic and not tampered with.


Recording at the Edge

Sometimes you can"t afford to record everything across the network, perhaps due to bandwidth limitation or cost of transportation. However, you can’t afford to miss the video when an event requires deeper investigation of the footage. To address this, recording at the edge stores inside the camera or encoder where you can search for the event and retrieve only the relevant part of the event.

Recording at the edge is not limited to built-in storage media like SD/CF card or internal hard disk but can also be achieved by local Direct-to-iSCSI recording.

Direct iSCSI recording

Bosch cameras can record directly onto iSCSI storage systems connected anywhere to the network without any PC or software. Our cameras utilize the available storage space most efficiently and keep control of the connectivity.


Bosch Video Recording Manager (VRM) provides a Distributed Network Video Recorder solution, eliminating the need for dedicated NVRs and signalling the second generation of IP network video recording. VRM supports iSCSI-based storage systems and Bosch Video-over-IP devices (IP cameras and IP video encoders).

VRM eliminates the need for Network Video Recorders (NVRs) and their associated server hardware, operating systems, and anti-virus software, as well as the ongoing software patches and updates that these systems require. This makes installation, operation, and maintenance much easier while reducing the total cost of ownership.


Video SDK

The Video SDK (Video Software Development Kit) is the core element for video management system applications and provides controlled connections to live video streams as well as recordings. It enables other software applications to integrate a wide range of IP video devices under a single object API via COM. Bosch management software is based on the Video SDK, thus guaranteeing that the maximum of features is supported in the Video SDK also for third-party software.


Founded in 2008 by Bosch, Sony and Axis, ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) is the first step towards global standardization for interfacing network video products. ONVIF introduced an overall specification for interfacing network video devices. This enables broad interoperability and communication between different products. The whole Bosch range of IP cameras and encoders are fully ONVIF compliant when running firmware release 4.1 or higher.


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