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The MIC Series 612 camera has been designed to offer an extremely reliable, robust, and high-quality surveillance solution for security applications that demand the very best performance. Precision engineered to exacting standards, the camera offers the most ruggedized dual Optical/thermal image capture solution available on the market today. 

High-performance camera with simultaneous thermal/optical video output Image control and quality are integral aspects of any PTZ camera, and the MIC Series 612 delivers.

A high-quality day/night camera core with 36x optical zoom lens and a full 12x digital zoom, and a high performance, un-cooled thermal imaging core sit side by-side within the housing. Each MIC Series 612 has two video outputs – one for the optical camera, and one that is user-switchable between the optical camera and the thermal imager. The optical camera provides 550 TVL of horizontal resolution for outstanding clarity and image detail, and incorporates Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) that dramatically improves the dynamic range by 128 times and results in clear image reproduction in extreme high-contrast environments. Features of Auto Scaling (proportional zoom) and Auto Pivot (automatically rotates and flips the camera) ensure optimal control. 

Day/night capabilities and outstanding sensitivity make the MIC Series 612 an exceptional performer in all lighting conditions. In low light, the optical camera automatically switches from colour to monochrome by removing the IR filter to boost sensitivity, while maintaining superior image quality. For operation in the darkest conditions, the SensUp control feature automatically reduces the shutter speed to as little as one second. This increases sensitivity by more than 50 times. In addition to low light applications, the optical camera is also an exceptional performer when viewing under a sodium vapour lamp (for example, a street lamp or tunnel lamp), which normally gives a yellowish tint to images. The camera automatically compensates and restores objects to their original colour.

The thermal imager has user-selectable colour options including White Hot, Black Hot, and many others, and built-in sun protection that allows the camera to selfheal if pointed directly at the sun. Standard-resolution models also have a user-selectable on-screen temperature display (spot meter). 

Flexible surveillance, precision engineering
  • Brushless motor technology* for ultra-reliable, smooth and whisper quiet operation
  • Optically perfect, flat viewing window with integrated wiper option for the perfect picture, regardless the weather
  • Full 360º continuous rotation pan and 320º tilt control
  • Rated to an industry leading IP68** for use in even the harshest conditions
  • Faultless operation mounted either upright or inverted. Certain ranges have a canted option for pole mount applications
  • Multi-protocol operation – compatible with all leading control systems
  • Plug and play cable containing video, telemetry and power
  • Vandal resistant
  • Full range of brackets and accessories available
Comprehensive Range 

With eight unique ranges forming the MIC series - (aluminium, stainless steel, underwater, ATEX certified, static, infrared, public address and thermal) – a suitable camera solution can be found for virtually any application. 

The Bosch Metal MIC Series has been successfully used in the following applications: 

Traditional CCTV
Town centres, car parks, traffic and highway monitoring, shopping centre, schools and golf estates 
High security
Police buildings, embassies, airports, nuclear facilities, government buildings, marine environments, ports, seafronts and harbours.
Extreme Environments
Extreme Coastal surveillance, wet and rainy outdoor surveillance, corrosive environments and mines.
Rapid deployment
Police vehicles, ships, building site security and perimeter security.
Prestigious developments
Museums, visitor centres, science parks and heritage town centres.




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