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DINION HD 1080p Day/Night IP cameras are progressive scan CMOS cameras that use the Bosch-designed Dinion digital imaging technology. DINION HD Day/Night IP cameras provide a choice of 720p or 1080p resolution, excellent image quality and accurate colour reproduction for the detail needed to distinguish fine features in a scene. With standard and high dynamic range options, they deliver clear and sharp images under the most challenging lighting conditions.

Our HD cameras produce more pixels per target object to make it easier to monitor monetary transactions, identify facial characteristics and keep track of small, high-value items. HD video also delivers improved situational awareness using a 16:9 image format that maximizes the field of view.

Bosch High Dynamic Range Cameras

Looking for the optimum surveillance camera for challenging, detail-rich, high-contrast security surveillance? Look no further!

The DINION and FLEXIDOME high dynamic range cameras from the Bosch HD portfolio deliver all the detail you’ll need for your safety and security applications. High dynamic range operation and content-based imaging allow these cameras to deliver perfect video in scenes with extremely bright and dark areas and to enhance the detail of the most important parts of the scene.

Imaging in highlights and shadows

One of the biggest challenges for any security camera is to capture details in scenes with extremely high contrast, such as back-lit entrances and doorways or looking into or out of a tunnel. The new DINION and FLEXIDOME HDR cameras are the most suitable cameras for such installations. Designed using the latest HDR sensor with multi exposure technology, these HDR cameras capture all the details in both the shadows and highlights of scenes. 

Content based Imaging 

The DINION and FLEXIDOME HDR cameras use state-of the-art Intelligent Video Analysis software (IVA) to detect objects of importance and track their movements. To take further advantage of IVA, a special mode called intelligent auto exposure (iAE) can be enabled in the camera. When this is used, the camera detects important objects such as faces, people and vehicles and then dynamically re-tunes its imaging settings to ensure the most useful, highly detailed image is captured.

More details, less bandwidth 

The intelligence embodied in the cameras also reduces bandwidth and storage requirements. The intelligent digital noise reduction (iDNR) feature is driven by content analysis of the scene. It optimizes bandwidth by dynamically tuning the degree of noise reduction based upon an analysis of important objects moving through the camera’s field of view. When nothing important is happening, bandwidth is minimized, and when an important object is detected, the bandwidth increases to eliminate motion blur and capture maximum details. 

Region of interest 

The entire imaging pipeline, from lens to image processing, ensures video quality stays sharp right to the edge. Operators can digitally zoom in to any part of a scene to examine specific details, such as a person’s face or a car license plate, without losing clarity. Moreover, configurable regions of interest allow different parts of the scene to be individually streamed as virtual cameras, even to separate locations.


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