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Bosch VideoJet XTC XF Transcoder enables HD video to be seen over wide area networks or through mobile access in original quality. Its Dynamic Transcoding functionality makes it the ideal entrance door for central monitoring systems to remote HD camera sites, or for remote clients to small business HD video surveillance installations. Its transcoding services seamlessly integrate with VRM Video Recording Manager Installations, enabling e.g. mobile access for on-site guards to HD video, both live and playback.

VideoJet XTC XF provides two independent transcoded streams, enabling live viewing access to 2 HD cameras or playback of their recordings simultaneously, regardless of the network bandwidth. The Bosch Video Security app for iOS device like Apple iPad provides an advanced but intuitive tool to fully utilize the VideoJet XTC XF transcoder"s features. 

The Bosch Video Security app as well as the Web browser playback interface allow Forensic Search in the recordings of IVA enabled HD cameras, providing quick results for highly efficient digging into relevant situations. Having found an event or a point of interest, pausing the replay causes Instant Display Enhancement to present the HD image in its original recording quality. 

The VideoJet XTC XF Transcoder is built into a housing that can be easily rack- or wall-mounted. These powerful and flexible devices represent the cutting edge of high performance Video-over-IP for HD CCTV today. 


VideoJet XTC XF transcoders offer local recording for up to four connected HD cameras on compact Flash. The built-in iSCSI support enables the VideoJet XTC XF transcoders to act as conventional DVRs while providing transcoded HD video across any bandwidth type of network.


VideoJet XTC XF transcoders video can be displayed on the Bosch Video Security app, on a PC using a Web browser, in the Bosch Video Management System, or integrate it into another video management system. Adaptive bit rate encoding enables viewing from remote sites over bandwidth-limited connections and wireless connections to mobile clients.

Regions of interest (ROI)

Get every detail even on lower bandwidth or smaller video window by panning, tilting and zooming a region of-interest cut-out from the full image. ROI is possible on both live viewing and playback of recordings. 

Advanced remote playback 

Bosch’s latest enhancements—adaptive bit rate encoding and transcoding—allow replay of recordings over bandwidth-limited connections with smooth browsing through the footage while not missing any detail. Be it a remote guard searching for a specific evidence or alerted by alarm notification, quick access to the relevant recording is easily achieved, and recorded images are presented in original quality even over weak links. 


The transcoder features eight profiles that can be predefined for various types of network connections. These profiles, selectable on the playback page, provide a quick and easy adaptation to the available bandwidth.

Access security 

The VideoJet XTC XF transcoders offer various security levels for accessing the network, the unit, and the data channels. As well as password protection with three levels, they support 802.1x authentication using a RADIUS server for identification. You can secure Web browser access by HTTPS using a SSL certificate that is stored in the unit. For total data protection, each communication channel—video, audio, or serial I/O— can be independently AES encrypted with 128 bit keys, once the Encryption Site License has been applied. 

Forensic Search 

The VideoJet XTC XF transcoders provide Forensic Search in the recordings of its assigned IVA-enabled cameras. Simple line and field definitions, drawn over the video image, allow quick and efficient search through the metadata of camera recordings.Forensic Search is possible via the Bosch Video Security app as well as the Web browser playback interface.

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