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Axxon Next & Intelect Enterprise

AxxonSoft is a leading software developer that combines IP-based physical security information management (PSIM), intelligent video analytics, video management software, facial recognition, POS and road traffic monitoring, and an enterprise-wide platform into fully integrated vertical and horizontal solutions. The company employs more than 300 highly-qualified specialists in more than 30 offices around the globe and has more than 2500 partner companies in security and video surveillance system installation and integration. AxxonSoft works closely with leading world manufacturers of equipment for security systems and is a Contributing Member of the ONVIF Forum. The flagship of AxxonSoft’s product line, the multifunctional AxxonSoft Intellect Enterprise security management platform, is the foundation of SafeCity projects implemented in over 80 cities in various countries.


Axxon Next: The New, Innovative Open-Platform Video Management Software from AxxonSoft 

Meet Axxon Next, a next-generation open-platform video management software (VMS). Thanks to exciting innovations from AxxonSoft, the Axxon Next platform has reached a whole new level of performance, reliability, efficiency, functionality and accessibility. 

Video surveillance systems based on Axxon Next can scale infinitely: there are no restrictions on the number of video servers, workstations or video cameras. Axxon Next also plays well with other devices and systems. Support for over 1000 models of IP cameras is included, as well as remote access from mobile devices and a web interface. The software’s intuitive interface makes navigation a breeze and increases workflow efficiency. 

Security needs of all sizes – from those of large-scale distributed facilities to the smallest sites – can be efficiently met with Axxon Next video management software. Every license includes full, unrestricted VMS functionality, even on systems of just one camera. Users on tight budgets will appreciate the free version of the program, which supports up to 16 camera channels. 


Axxon Intelect Enterprise 

Imagine a system that no longer needs a security guard to physically watch every camera, monitor or sensor so you can catch improper behaviour or initiate actions when an incident occurs. 

Imagine a platform that integrates all your security and business systems — from fire and water sensors to access cards and infrared detection. 

Imagine a system that"s intelligent enough to interpret people, actions and events and enforces fast, automatic actions when necessary. A system that helps employees become more efficient, more vigilant, and more effective in reducing and preventing fraud, vandalism, accidents, and other issues. 

Imagine all this…with extreme simplicity, flexibility, and scalability. 

What is Axxon Intellect Enterprise? 

Axxon Intellect Enterprise is a remarkably advanced distributed physical security information management (PSIM) platform that combines intelligent video analytics, universal IP connectivity and event-driven automation capabilities in a single environment. 

The purpose of Axxon Intellect Enterprise is to help your business attain a higher level of security than ever before – with less cost, and less effort. 

The Axxon Intellect Enterprise PSIM software platform succeeds in giving you these results because it has the built-in intelligence to recognize events as they occur, and the ability to respond appropriately. It also has the capability to distil and present information to support smart, timely decision-making. It achieves this by aggregating data from a wide range of devices and systems, analyzing data more intelligently, and automating processes that could never be automated before. 

Because it"s built on an object-oriented architecture, the software is easy to install, use and manage and can be easily scaled to match your changing requirements. It"s extremely flexible, so you get all the functionality and capabilities you need without paying for features you don"t want. 

And, because Axxon Intellect Enterprise is an integrated IP-based platform, you increase the value of your existing systems and avoid the cost and effort of replacing legacy systems. As a result, you can better protect people and facilities, prevent asset loss and damage, and improve business efficiency, all at the same time. 


What is Axxon Intellect Enterprise’s architecture? 

Axxon Intellect Enterprise PSIM software forgoes classic client-server and three-tiered architecture for a distributed model. Axxon Intellect Enterprise uses three components: server, client and gateway. The servers form a network segment with a peer-to-peer structure — all data or event connections are server-to-server where possible. Clients connect to one or many servers directly or through gateways. 

Gateways serve as traffic routers and optimizers, defining segments of the distributed network. A peer-to-peer Axxon Intellect Enterprise network takes advantage of the many types of connectivity (LAN, WAN, mobile) between participants in a network and their cumulative bandwidth, rather than conventional centralized resources where a relatively low number of servers provide the core value to a service or application. 

A distributed approach means that Axxon Intellect Enterprise is highly reliable and fail-safe – if a problem arises in a module or network link, Axxon Intellect Enterprise automatically switches over to another functioning server. 

The server component of Axxon Intellect Enterprise currently runs on NT, Linux, and AIX machines.

Is Axxon Intellect Enterprise compatible with our cameras, sensors, and other devices? 

Axxon has worked extensively with major hardware manufacturers and third parties to provide unparalleled compatibility out of the box. Please see our Web site or contact a product manager to confirm that your device is listed. Even if you’re using equipment that we haven’t planned for, don’t worry – we have you covered. Axxon Intellect Enterprise’s open architecture and object orientation means that we or our partners can provide drivers or connectors for your hardware. With Axxon Intellect Enterprise, there’s no need to upgrade your hardware until you’re ready to grow. 


Facial Recognition and Face Search with Axxon Intellect 

To resist intruders, you must be able to find them. Axxon’s Intellect integrated Facial Recognition module notifies operators when it spots a human face within the video frame. It automatically detects and captures the image of that person and compares it to known photos of persons of interest. You can use this detection tool to create a database of employees or other individuals: a camera situated in an entrance can record all who pass through the turnstile and save images of their faces to a database. 

Identifies people regardless of facial hair, hairstyle, eyewear, aging or angle, and in a variety of background conditions 

·        A non-intrusive, contact-free process, unlikeother biometrics

·        Compatible with legacy databases

·        Real-time notification about recognized persons

·        Easy integration with existing systems

·        Real-time notification of identity matches and alerts

·        Automatic synchronization with users database

·        Integration with access control systems

·        Recognition algorithms powered by Cognitec SDK v 5.0 


Facial Recognition and Face Search with Axxon Intellect Enterprise

The facial recognition module automatically compares an image chosen by the face capture module with images stored in a database. Identification algorithms, powered by the Cognitec engine, guarantee high probability of correct recognition and quick search of databases containing hundreds or thousands of images. The Facial Recognition module integrates with various biometric systems for identifying human faces, from checkpoints to criminal databases.

Face search module 

The face search module, powered by the Cognitec or VeriLook engine, creates a database of all faces captured by video cameras and lets you search the database for similar faces. To search, indicate a frame in the video archive containing a face, indicate a link (URL) to an image, or upload an image of a face to the system. The results are displayed as a list of photographs sorted by similarity. This module makes your search in video footage for persons of interest dramatically faster, as well as collecting statistics on capture by various cameras. 

Diverse Applications 

Intellect’s Facial Recognition and Face Search modules are designed for use at public places, airports, stadiums, border control zones, prisons, critical infrastructure, and military sites. 

Investigation and search activities. Upon recognition of a person recorded into an investigational database by the module, the operator receives all available information and immediately notifies law enforcement authorities. The Face Search module is a great time-saver for investigation and search activities based on video footage. 

Restricted access objects requiring the highest level of security. Traditional access control systems cannot prevent an unauthorized person from using an access card. The Facial Recognition module authenticates a card holder automatically, by comparing the face in the video frame with the image in the database

Face identification at border crossings (Intellect Enterprise can connect to external databases with images of terrorists and wanted criminals), with simultaneous cross-check of facial image to passport/ID.

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